8ABC in Ireland

The students of 8.ABC spent an unforgettable 13 days in Ireland. Apart from attending an English language course, they went on a tour around the south of Ireland. During their stay, they had to keep a diary. Here’s what they wrote:

 Friday, 23.09.2016

The students from BORG MURAU and their teachers (Prof. Mag. Waltraud Smith and Prof. Mag. Josef Schuster) arrived safe and sound. They were welcomed by our H2 bus drivers Michael and Paul who took them to Carrigaline. The host families were already waiting for them. The students were shown their rooms and after a little chat everyone went to bed to get some rest for the next day. 

Blog entry by Nico & Nicolas:

We set off on our journey to Ireland on Sept. 23rd. It took us 3 hours to get from Murau to Vienna Airport. Then we boarded a plane which took us to Dublin. When we left the plane, a strong wind greeted us. From Dublin we continued our journey to Carrigaline by bus. We had a break at Junction 14 to grab something to eat. The bus trip took three hours. When we got to Carrigaline the host families were already waiting to pick us up and take us to our new homes. The host families were very friendly and we talked about our journey.

Saturday, 24.09.2016

It is the first day in school today! Unfortunately it has been raining all morning, but the students are still in good form :-). At the H2 College the students met their English teachers for the week - Lucy, Colin and Peter. They were asked to complete a placement test in order to split them into three smaller groups. Currently the lessons are in full swing. The students have already sang an Irish song and played some warm-up games. Of course grammar will be covered, too :-) It is promised to be a fun week of learning, and putting English into practice. 

It will be a leisurely afternoon with the host families - time to get to know each other and talk about Ireland and Austria. 

Blog entry by Victoria & Katharina:

Saturday the 24th was the second day of our journey to Ireland, also known as the Green Island. We already got up at 6:15 because we had to go to school even though it was a Saturday. In our opinion it was not so cool to get up that early due to the fact that Friday had been really exhausting and we had gone to bed late. The breakfast had already been prepared when we showed up in the kitchen at 7:30. About ten boxes of cereals with different flavours were on the table. Immediately after breakfast we were driven to the bus station by our host daddy. After having picked up all the students it took us about twenty minutes to get to our language school. First we had to sit a test on the basis of which we were divided into three groups. The lessons lasted until 13:40.

As we arrived at home our host daddy was already waiting to take us to the cliffs where he showed us secret places. Huge waves were smashing against the stones. It was incredible. We took a lot of pictures. In the afternoon we unpacked our suitcases and had our first dinner with our host family. It was so delicious. We got Mexican food – nachos, chicken, beans and many more things. It was like an authentic Mexican dinner. After that we were so full. We played with our host siblings Cara, Sara and Daniel for a while and went to bed really late. All in all it was a great second day in Carrigaline and we are happy to be here.

Sunday, 25.09.2016

Blog entry by Laura & Cosima:

On Sunday we had no school and only met at 12:20pm, so we had a free morning. In the afternoon we went to Kinsale. At first we went to Charles Fort where we heard about the legend of the White Lady who is the ghost of a woman having killed herself on her wedding day because her father unintentionally killed her husband. Then we went to the centre of Kinsale where we went to the church. Our guide showed us a door with marks of swords on its doorframe because the soldiers used to sharpen their swords there for good luck in war. Then we went to the old French prison –Desmond Castle – where we heard about the pirate Jack Rackham and Anne Bonny and the story how they met. After that we headed to the Giant’s house. Our guide told us about the man who was 2.5 m tall and earned money with that.

Then we went to the Old Head of Kinsale where it was very windy but even more beautiful and everybody took lots of pictures. At the end of the day we went to Garretstown Beach where everyone wanted to go into the water but the water was very cold. So that has been one of the most beautiful days so far.

Monday, 26.09.2016

Blog entry by Hannes & Stefan:

On the 26th of September Steven and I got up at 7 o’clock. We realised the weather wasn’t as fine as we had expected it to be. We had a shower to start the day with lots of energy. Then we had breakfast prepared by our lovely host mother Valerie. Later we got organised, packed our lunch and walked to the bus stop. While walking we met our classmates. Waiting for the bus we discussed our plans for the day. A few minutes later the bus collected all the pupils and we went to school. We finished school at 12:40 and then the bus took us to Cork, the second largest city of Ireland. We went on sightseeing tour through the city. The tour guide gave us a lot of information about Cork, for example that it has one of the deepest natural harbours on earth. There are about 15 churches as well. After the tour we spent our free time strolling through the streets and buying some souvenirs. To be honest, we all enjoyed having more than three hours of leisure time. Finally, we went home and had the typical St. Patrick’s Day dinner. All in all, the whole day was glorious and Cork is worth a visit.

Tuesday, 27.09.2016

Blog entry by Tristan & Michael:

Looking out of the window just after waking up we saw that it was a beautiful and sunny day. Unfortunately, we had to walk to the bus stop because it was time to get to school. At school we played many games, then we had to talk about a given topic in front of other students. In the third lesson we learnt a new song called “The Rare Old Mountain Dew”. After school we travelled to Crosshaven. This town was a lovely place with a stunning harbour. There was also one of the best fish’n’chips (Chish and Fips) restaurants in Ireland . At 5 o’clock we got back to our host families. The day was great and we hope that the following days will be as great as today.

Wednesday, 28.09.2016

Blog entry by Manuel & Daniel:

Our alarm clock went off at 6:40. Afterwards we had a delicious breakfast with our host family. Our host mother had prepared cereals, toast and coffee. Then we went to school.  We enjoyed three lessons with our teachers Peter, Lucy and Collin. Peter taught us a song called “Wild Rover”. That was great fun because Peter is a good musician. After school we had a long break, so we went down to the small village. Although we are bad dancers we enjoyed a Ceili afternoon. We learnt four Irish dances.  It was difficult to understand the instructions but in the end we still managed. Despite being exhausted, we went to the village with our friends in the evening. All in all, it was a great day and we had a lot of fun.

Thursday, 29.09.2016

Blog entry by Elisabeth & Sophia:

The second last day in Carrigaline started at 7:45. Everyone had a lovely breakfast at their host parents’ houses. We had three lessons including singing typical Irish songs with Peter. Believe it or not but we also learned a song in the Irish language. Everyone enjoyed the funny games with Lucy and Colin. After school we went to a shopping centre. Some classmates went shopping and the other students went to the cinema to watch “Finding Dory”. Then we headed back home and enjoyed an amazing dinner with our host family. To round off a perfect day, we all met up at 7 o’clock and went to Cork to watch a Greyhound race.

Friday, 30.09.2016

Blog entry by Anne, Celina & Nicole:

Today, Friday the 30th of September, was our last day at the H2 college. We played some games with Lucy and Colin (our teachers) like we had already done the days before. Afterwards we presented the projects we had to prepare in groups of 2-4 people to the other students. Our group made up of Nicole, Anne and Celine chose the topic “Traditional Irish Dance” and we talked about Ceili, Step Dance and Set Dance. By then we had already acquired good knowledge about the Irish culture and so we finished off our time at school in Ireland by singing some songs we had previously learned. We even sang an Irish song. Although most students would usually be quite happy about finishing school, we were a little sad because the time had gone by so fast and we had really grown on Lucy, Peter and Colin. They taught us many interesting facts. It was a pleasure to meet all of them. Now you can probably imagine how happy we were when Colin told us that he was coming with us on our trip along the Wild Atlantic Way.

Later in the afternoon we visited Blarney Castle. The gardens were absolutely amazing. It is a magical place and you wouldn’t be surprised if there were a unicorn crossing your way or if you saw a fairy trying to hide behind one of the innumerable bushes. The view from the top of the castle was breath-taking and the way up there quite adventurous (narrow spiral staircase). After visiting the castle and the gardens we had some leisure time, so went to the largest gift shop in Ireland.

Coming home to the host family after this amazing day made us feel both happy and sad because we knew it would be the last time for us we came home after a long day.
Today we will be going to bed not looking forward to leaving our host families but looking forward to the upcoming days on “The Emerald Island”.

Saturday, 01.10.2016

Blog entry by Natascha, Tina, Elisa & Celine:

Our last day in Carrigaline started off with a typical Irish breakfast. Then it was time to say good bye to our lovely host families as we set off for Killarney, the first destination on our trip along the Wild Atlantic Way. On our way across the National Park of Killarney we stopped several times to take pictures of the truly beautiful landscape and we had time to enjoy the breath-taking view and the fine weather. At half past three we finally arrived at the Neptune’s Hostel. After checking in, Colin, our guide, showed us around this picturesque town and afterwards we were given free time to explore it on our own. Some of us went shopping while others had dinner at one of the many nice restaurants or just walked about and enjoyed the atmosphere. All in all, it was a great day and we saw a lot of things that we will definitely remember for a long time.

Sunday, 02.10.206

Blog entry by Herbert, Benjamin, Melina and Franziska

The second day of our tour along the Wild Atlantic Way started at approximately 8 a.m. when everyone got ready to have breakfast. After all the students had finished, we left the Neptune’s Hostel for Limerick making a stop at the Torc waterfall at Killarney National Park where we walked up to the waterfall. It took us 1.5 hours to get there. We spent the next two hours on the bus travelling around the beautiful Irish countryside and small villages. After quite some time we stopped at the Dovecote Restaurant situated somewhere close to Limerick where we grabbed something to eat.

After the meal we continued our trip to Limerick. When we arrived in Limerick, Collin showed us special places in the city. Later we got 2 hours of free time to have dinner or go shopping. Our last ride led us to our hostel. After a small dinner at a nearby restaurant we went to bed.

Monday, 03.10.2016

Blog entry by Magdalena and Sophia E.

Today we left Limerick at 9:15 in the morning to go to Galway. About one and a half hours into the journey we made a stop at a spot a lot of us had been really looking forward to – The Cliffs of Moher. The Cliffs of Moher are about 12.8 km long, are of an average height of 214m and are 320 million years old. We stayed there for about two hours just enjoying the beautiful view on the Cliffs and the high waves although the strong and cold wind nearly blew us off the edge. We then continued our bus ride to Galway but unfortunately after a good ¾ of the way our bus broke down and we had to remain in the same spot for more than an hour until the problem was fixed and we were able to finish the last bit of our journey. After checking in at the hostel we split into two groups: people who went to play Lastertag, which was great fun, and the ones that stayed behind and did something else instead. We are really looking forward to Dublin which will be our last day in Ireland.

Blog entry by Raimund ad Stefan

We first went to see the Cliffs of Moher. Despite the gale, the sight of the cliffs took our breath away. The view over the Atlantic Ocean was fantastic even though the weather could have been better. Fortunately, it wasn’t raining but the sky was covered in clouds. After spending about two hours there, we set off for Galway, one of the biggest cities in Ireland. On the way to Galway the bus broke down a few times. Finally we reached Galway and straight after checking in at the hostel, we went to play Lasertag. It was great fun and everybody enjoyed it.

Tuesday, 04.10.2016

Blog entry by Philipp and Diego

After a rather sleepless night in the Sleepzone Hostel, we started the final day of our tour with an energising breakfast. With full stomachs we continued our journey. Our destination was the capital of Ireland, Dublin. It took us more than three hours to get there. The bus ride didn’t feel long at all because of the 40 minutes break we had. Once we had finally arrived in Dublin we went sightseeing with a professional tour guide. He showed us all the special locations, such as the Wellington Monument. Another interesting place was the giant rood in Phoenix Park where Pope John Paul II held a mass for over one million people back in 1979. Afterwards we had two hours of free time and at the end of the day we checked in at the Travellodge Hostel and got ready for the next day.

Blog entry by Toni and Konstantin

Today we left Galway at 9:30. We went straight across Ireland for about 3 hours and a half and although I was sleeping for quite some time, I saw lots of beautiful landscapes passing by. It was not only a pleasure to see old castles but observing sheep and horses grazing on the dark green pastures surrounded by the typical stonewalls was also quite interesting. When we arrived in Dublin, a tour guide called James showed us around this beautiful city with its very interesting history, for example the Easter Rising of 1916 – the only successful rebellion in all of Irish history.

After the tour, we had two hours of free time during which we could discover the city on our own. We were allowed to go shopping, buy some food and gifts.

Even though the teachers expected everyone to be back on time, most students and even the teachers themselves were at least five minutes late, which shows that being on time is a bit overrated. So after we had seen Dublin, Colin said good-bye to us and we went to our hostel. Some went to a supermarket but we didn’t do a lot after we had arrived. All in all, it was a very exciting day in Dublin.

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