7.B and 7.C out and about in Gsprachreisealway

Have you ever got up at half past three to start a real adventure? We did and it was amazing.

On 31st of March we, the students of 7.B and 7.C and their teachers Prof. Mag. Josef Schuster and Prof. Mag. Waltraud Smith, flew from Munich Airport to Dublin by plane (RyanAir). There we went by bus to our destination for the next two weeks – a city on the west coast of Ireland called Galway.

Our host family welcomed us in a very friendly way. They showed us the area where we lived and we got to know the Irish way of living.
On the following days we had four English classes in the morning and in the afternoon we did different activities like a Walking Tour, a Treasure Hunt or watching a DVD. We also had an amazing trip to the Cliffs of Moher. They were breathtaking and we will never forget them, since we took some great pictures. We also visited Connemara (WOOOOOOW ). Although the landscape was beautiful, we had expected it to be more exciting. Some unforgettable highlights in the evening were Bowling and a Greyhound Race. On Sunday we had the whole day off, so we could explore parts of Galway we hadn’t known by then. Time rushed by and the first week was already over.
Unlike the first week, the second week started with sunshine. Similar to the first week we were divided into three school groups. No matter if singing, doing surveys, giving presentations or just practising speaking, we always had a lot of fun and we learnt a lot. When you visit a new country you have the opportunity to try traditional dishes. Our host family pampered us with typical “Irish Stew” and “Bacon and Cabbage”, which we really enjoyed. In our free time we tried out fish and chips, scones or handmade sandwiches.
We also gained new memories and experiences. Have you ever touched a shark? Or have you ever seen a step dance? These were just a few activities we did in the second week.
Furthermore the people were really outgoing and patient if we didn’t understand them immediately. Of course it’s challenging to communicate in another country but we managed it quite well and we gained self-confidence in speaking.

To sum up, this trip to Galway was a lifetime experience. Galway is a beautiful little city and we will always keep this trip in our memory. So we recommend this journey to everyone who wants to improve their English skills and who likes getting to know other cultures.

 Julia, Elisabeth, Bettina and the students of 7.B and 7.C

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