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While the other classes were in Ireland we – class 7A - took part in an ‘English in Action’ course. Our teacher - named Mr. Dale Ogilvy - who comes from Scotland – taught us in English for one week. He prepared us for our A-levels with language in use tasks, reading and listening exercises.

Nevertheless, the focus was on talking – especially on various Matura-related topics. We dealt with many different topics like everyday situations or how to solve problems.
Mr. Dale Ogilvy motivated us to speak English for a whole week so we managed to improve our lexical range and fluency. Whilst playing many games our talking skills enhanced. On Thursday, the fourth day of the ‘English in Action week’, we showed Mr. Dale the city of Murau with its most important, ancient and interesting sights. For example the Murtalbahn station, the Schillerplatz and the Castle of Murau.
In conclusion, working with Mr. Dale was really helpful for the upcoming graduation exams. On several occasions, we showed our newly acquired skills in short presentations to practise our speaking skills. However, it was a pity that we had to say good bye to Mr. Dale Ogilvy after five days, because we had a lot of fun and we improved our English considerably.
Written by class 7A





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