scotland startBye Austria, hello Edinburgh!

Sept. 14th – Sept. 26th, 2019

 Like every year in 7th grade our teachers took us on a language trip and this year our destination was Edinburgh in Scotland. We spent 12 days at a host family and got to know the Scottish culture which turned out to be completely different to ours.


On Saturday September 14th our adventure started. We flew from Munich directly to Edinburgh where we were picked up by taxis taking us to our host families. The next day all the students and teachers (Mr. Schuster, Mr. Zirker and Mrs. Engl-Wurzer)  met outside the parliament and we walked up Arthur’s Seat, which was pretty exhausting but it was absolutely worth it!

On the following days we had the chance to improve our language skills in the morning classes, where we spoke a lot, worked on some projects, took part in workshops and did some acting. This was really great fun!

After school we could participate in a lot of different activities, which we won’t forget. Some of them were Ceilidh dancing, bowling and a cinema night. We also improved our “stalking skills” at Camera Obscura, but apart from that, Camera Obscura was amazing: so many illusions which your brain can’t handleJ. At the weekend we went on a full day tour to St. Andrews and Sterling Castle.  Of course, we couldn’t miss one of the most important Scottish cities, Glasgow, which sadly turned out not to be that beautiful.

Did you know that the Scottish history is really scary? We found out about that on our ghost tour where a guide disguised as a murderer showed us the dark spots in Edinburgh. But this wasn’t the scariest activity we did… We went to the Dungeon as well (SPOOOKY).

We got the chance to try traditional food. Have you ever tried Haggis? You had better not (only our opinion)…  Shortbread, scones, teacake and baked beans – very typical of Scotland.

We would have never expected so much sunshine. Actually, we experienced  the ‘Scottish summer’ and it almost never rained. The last three days were a bit dreich, but we could handle that. J

In conclusion, Edinburgh was a lifetime experience, which we all will never ever forget! You don’t have to worry if you don’t understand everything, Scottish people are really patient and friendly. So it’s such a great opportunity to improve your self-confidence and speak in a foreign language.


Written by Hannah Zirker, Leonie Kornthaler and Melanie Kühr

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